Click, Cart, Couch: Igniting the Surge of E-commerce

How Many People Buy Furniture Online?

Buying furniture online is becoming one of those most popular ways to shop! So, ever wondered how many folks actually do it? Well, the numbers may differ, but here’s the lowdown:

  • Online furniture market: This has been on a roll, steadily growing its fan base year after year. Studies reveal that an impressive chunk of consumers has now embraced the trend of shopping for that leather sofa set online.
  • Convenience, pocket-friendly prices & hassle-free delivery: Why the sudden shift? Well, let’s give credit where it’s due, it’s hard to argue with the convenience and freedom of online shopping. Go ahead search those Black Friday furniture deals in 2023. Can furniture shopping get any better than this?
  • Region dependent: Now, hold your horses! Before you jump on the bandwagon, keep in mind that the online furniture frenzy may vary depending on the region you’re in. Access to the internet and the availability of couch movers may not be the same everywhere.

Therefore, it may be challenging to pinpoint an exact number, it’s safe to say that a substantial and growing number of individuals are embracing the convenience of buying furniture online.

What Percent of Furniture Sales are Online?

Our experts delve into the virtual realm and uncover the percentage of furniture sales happening online:

  • Growing steadily: Online furniture sales have been on a remarkable rise. The digital realm has become a bustling marketplace for couches, sectionals for living room, and everything in between.
  • The magic number: While the precise percentage may vary, industry reports suggest that approximately 15-20% of furniture sales now occur online. That’s a significant chunk!
  • Upward trend: As technology continues to shape our world, it’s safe to assume that this percentage will only continue to climb, giving traditional brick-and-mortar stores a run for their money.

So, join the ever-growing wave of online furniture shoppers and let the virtual adventure commence!

Is it Cheaper to Buy Furniture Online or In-Store?

A young woman sitting in a dark red room on her couch shopping online on her laptop

When it comes to the battle between online and in-store furniture shopping, cost is a major factor. We’ll settle the score and weigh the options:

Online Furniture Shopping

  • Great prices, no pants: Get the same beautiful furniture without the hassle of leaving your couch. Online stores offer competitive prices and the convenience of shopping from home.
  • Be the smart shopper: With just a few clicks, you can compare prices across multiple online stores and snatch up the best deal for that dreamy couch.

In-store Furniture Shopping

  • Feel it, wheel and deal it: Immerse yourself in the real-life furniture shopping experience. Touch, sit, and test the furniture before buying, ensuring the perfect fit for that corner couch.
  • Flex those bargaining skills: Leave no stone unturned when it comes to negotiating a better price or extra perks with the store staff. No need for the constant googling of ‘sofas near me’.
  • Instant gratification station: No waiting around for delivery. Grab your new furniture and make your home even more fabulous right away.

When it comes to buying furniture, you have two options: the online expedition or the in-store exploration. Think beyond the price tag and contemplate convenience, time, and the thrilling experience that awaits.